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In January, I quit my job at Coldstone for a better job at…

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In January, I quit my job at Coldstone for a better job at JCPenney. Well, I thought it was about time that I shared some of my stories with you...

A little back story. I work in the boys/girls/infants/lingerie/fragrances departments at my job. They float me around a little and 98% of the time I am stationed in boys.

1.) I'm folding clothes and running things back to wear they belong in the boys department when this woman, who looks very confused walks near me. I go up to her, and being nice, ask her if she's looking for someone/something. She the proceeds to ask me where the boys department is. I look at her, with the straightest face I could, and say... "Um... here." She looks around and runs off.

2.) There are two floors to the store, so when we close, our security asks them what doors they're going out of and such. Well, one woman goes over to lingerie where my friend Amanda is working, and asks her how to get to the upstairs exit. Amanda starts to tell her how to get to the elevator, when apparently, that's not good enough. So this woman comes to me and asks me how to get to the upstairs exit, I start repeating Amanda, telling her to go around the corner and the elevator is on her left side. She says, very loudly, ((and rudely)) "I do NOT want the elevator, I want the upstairs exit." I just stand and stare at her, and Amanda's in the background trying not to laugh at me. I try to explain she needs the elevator to take her to the second floor. She then asks, "What floor button do I press?". Amanda starts cracking up anThd runs off to hide so the customer doesn't see her. I just say "Two". She asks where the door is and I tell her go straight off of the elevator and when you get to luggage you won't be able to go straight so go left... you'll see it right in front of you. Well, this isn't good enough, so she complains about how her memory isn't good enough and she'll forget and makes me walk her to the freaking door.

3.) This woman walks in, points at the sign that says restroom, stands there for a good 4 mintues, then asks if that's the restroom.

4.) This woman ((why is it always women?!?!?)) comes in and gets a ton of clearenced clothes, and asks me if she can have them on hold over night. I tell her that we're not allowed to hold things anymore, which is true, and she starts raising her voice at me. Well, finally she tells me, not asks, to call my manager. I call Laura ((my manager)) and tell her the situation, when this stupid woman grabs the phone out of my hand and starts fussing at her saying that this could make her never come back to the store again. Stupid bitch stole the phone!

5.) When you buy certain types of panties in lingerie, you can get them 4 for 21 dollars, etc. Well, this woman gets pissed that her total is 50 something dollars, and yells for everyone and their mother to hear, "YOU'RE CRAZY!" and demands I follow her to read the sign. She didn't read the sign well enough to see it was a different type of underwear on sale, so she makes me dig through these panties to find her size for the next 10 minutes, when I have a line halfway down the aisle

6.)Me:: Trying to do my job well enough to get a raise on August 1st when they start giving them out.
SW:: Stupid woman

*phone rings*
Me:: Children's ((Boys, girls, and infants are all connected pretty much as one))
SW:: Yes, I was just calling to see if you have any Land's End products for boys.
Me:: I'm sorry, ma'am, but we don't carry that brand.
SW:: Well, I called another store and they said that the Wolfchase store would have any. You sent me an ad in the mail.
Me:: Well, ma'am, we don't have that brand in our store. It doesn't sound familiar at all, so I know it won't be on-line or in the cataloge.
SW:: Well, why the heck would you send me an ad, advertising an item you don't carry?!?!?!
Me:: Ma'am, what store is your ad for?
SW:: Sears
Me:: Ma'am, this is JCPenney. You have the wrong store.
SW:: Well, I called the number on the ad and then the number the other store gave me.
Me:: Well, I'm sorry, but this isn't Sears. If you'd like, I can connect you with the operator and she can give you the correct number for Sears Wolfchase.
SW:: That will NOT be neccisary. Someone is obviously playing a joke on me. Either the other store, or you. I don't find this funny at all.
Me:: I'm sorry for the inconvience, but it will only take a second to tra...

She hung up on me.

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On August 5th, 2006 01:14 am (UTC), upinthetreetops commented:
#1 happens to me all the time. "This IS misses."

#2 - What was wrong with that woman?

I hate all that underwear. In my store lingerie is downstairs but all the other departments for women are upstairs. Sometimes people bring their underwear up then if they don't have the right ones to get the 4 for $21 or whatever it is, they complain about having to go all the way back down to get them. Or, more likely, they insist that they do have the right ones and my register just isn't ringing them up right. I don't work in lingerie, I don't know which ones are the right ones!
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